258 million children, adolescent and youth worlwide have no access to school even though minimum proficiency levels in reading, writing and mathematics are the foundation to break the cycle of poverty. A better world is based on educated children.



Build Your Own School

Providing access to knowledge through proper school infrastructure and a safe learning environment is a great opportunity to have an impact on the lives of generations of children and their families. We find school projects based on a holistic development approach; we assess and evaluate these projects and only begin support when a project meets our standards.

​All the projects feature close involvement and strong empowerment of the communities around the new school to create long-term sustainability.




We have a large portfolio of assessed partner organisation in various countries around the world. We can propose you several projects according to your expectations including a due diligence report. If there is no suitable project, we will gladly support you in your further outreach. 



We support you in setting up a fundraising campaign with a landing page for direct donations. If you would like to organize a charity gala or other events, we are happy to help and advice.

Furthermore, we gladly support you with your PR efforts and provide relevant content.

Project Management

We usually transfer the budget in three installments to monitor the progress. During the construction we send you monthly updates from site to keep you informed about the progress. You can share these updates on your website, blog and newsletter. Once the school is finished we help to organise an opening ceremony which you can attend with partners and employees. A once in a lifetime experience. 



After the school is open we monitor the developments and send you regular updates. A school creates a sustainable impact and you can share updates with your employees and costumers and create long-lasting involvement. We evaluate further needs and seek to evaluate the impact of the new school for the children. The overall goal of such a project are enhanced learning outcomes for the children.




We selected every implementing partner according to set standards to be sure that the money really arrives where it is most needed.

Time and Cost Reduction

There are no internal costs for personnel expenses for research and planning of the project for the company.


You can choose from a diverse project portfolio, projects are scalable depending on the needs and therefore budgets are adjustable.  Small steps are already better than none.

Get the Maximum for Both - Kids and Company.