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Equal educational opportunities to all

Entrepreneurs for Knowledge works with non-profit organizations worldwide to give children in underserved communities the opportunity to receive a quality education.

As entrepreneurs and founders, we’re experts at plan realization and putting ideas into practice. All of our personal and business successes arose because we had the chance to go to school — to learn how to read, write, and choose our own fields of interest. Not all children have the opportunity and the privilege to receive a basic education. Therefore, we’ve come together to join forces and provide access to skills so that these children can improve their own lives.  

Initially our school initiative was under the CSR umbrella of Acronis, called the Acronis Cyber Foundation. As we could see a strong interest from other partners towards the school projects, we decided to create Entrepreneurs for Knowledge gGmbH – an network of companies and founders who understand the importance of education. Through this network we can increase the impact and scale of our projects and give as many children as possible the chance to gain access to knowledge and break the cycle of poverty.

It's all about joining forces for a better future for these kids, our network of partners does not only bring hope but the actual means for local boys and girls to have access to knowledge, empowering them to follow their dreams.

Serguei Beloussov, Co-Founder

School is where the path to knowledge and opportunity begins. Technology is the modern language of opportunity, but without a basic education, no one can learn that language. Schools built by the Acronis Foundation will provide the infrastructure where students can acquire the educational skills to learn the language of technology needed to claim those opportunities, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background.”

Jochen Berger, Co-Founder

A better world is based on educated children!


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