A special year is coming to an end, and Christmas is around the corner. A good opportunity to concentrate on the really important things in life. Since this year is very unusual, we have thought of something special: small, tangible projects in different schools around the world in need of funding. Through these projects, you have the opportunity to directly improve the learning environment of hundreds of children. We have the perfect choice for every budget - choose your own project or support the crowdfunding campaign.




In Guatemala, 75% of the children are still under- and malnourished. Since these are children from impoverished families, almost all parents practice agriculture (subsistence farming) at home. With your help, the schools will be equipped with school gardens where the children learn about many different kinds of vegetables and medicinal plants. With the vertical bamboo extension elements, it is made the best use of the schoolyards' minimal outside space. These classes are very important as the students bring their knowledge home to their families and become multipliers.

One garden construction costs 250€ and every school needs a minimum of 4 to be able to give proper lessons.


Even small donations can make a big difference.

Crowdfunding Project (250€ per garden construction)


The school in Lebanon has suffered from many challenges this year: The general economic and political crises of Lebanon; the inflation, which makes it more and more challenging to buy food and the detonations at Beirut's harbor, which makes the necessary import of products difficult. Corona made living in the camps even more difficult than it already is. There is no way of keeping social distance in the tight grounds, housing tents and schools. The school's needs are enormous and with your support stationary, water supplies, masks, and books for all children can be provided.

To equip every child in the school we need 25€ per child.

Lebanon, Beqaa Valley

Even small donations can make a big difference.


Crowdfunding Project (25€ per child)



Hope Children’s Centre’s new high school is being constructed on a piece of land slightly away from the main town in a more sparsely populated area, and therefore we have to take security precautions for outside of the school’s opening hours. The first and most important part of this is to construct a strong and reliable fence around the whole compound, and within that a gate so that only people who are authorised may have access. This is vital to ensuring the security of school materials and equipments in a disadvantaged areas where burglary is unfortunately a very real problem.


Need: 1.300€


School libraries are an essential component in learning and teaching but due to a lack of funding, school libraries in Cambodia are only being built and furnished if donors provide dedicated money. The Ministry of Education has no budget for school libraries. The school in Prei Changha has a dedicated space for a library but no books and equipment yet. You can make it possible to provide the school with plenty of books and material to inspire all ages to read and create a place where students can immerse themselves in another world.

Cambodia, Prei Changa

Need: 1.500€


Niger (2).jpg


Students with learning differences face significant barriers to obtaining high-quality education as resources are prioritized for students representing societal norms in Niger. With your help, the school Niamey School for the Deaf can be equipped with technology and specialized software. Increased access to technology and teachers with specialized training will positively impact deaf and hearing-impaired students' educational experience. Your support can bring resources to enhance students' learning experience ensuring that they gain the knowledge needed to find work and careers after their education is complete.

Niger, Niamey

Need: 4.785€



Since the beginning of the school year, we have not been able to have face-to-face classes with our students, and all the work has been done virtually. Unfortunately, the situation in which our children's families find themselves at the moment has shown that virtual classes have not worked well in the last months. The children need personal contact with teachers. For this reason, and with your help, we want to set up "outdoor classrooms" to carry out tutoring and reinforcement activities with our children. The possibility of holding our classes in a ventilated environment and respecting the proper safety and prevention measures is the only possibility of allowing our children to receive an adequate education in the next year.


Need: 5.360€




Clean water is scarce in the North of Laos, in particular during the dry season. Often villagers and the school resort to water collected during the rainy season and stored for a long time. These water reserves are neither safe nor sustainable. An adequate water system in the school should help store sufficient filtered water even in the dry season to protect against health problems. Especially in times of the Corona Pandemic, it is crucial to be able to store sufficient water supplies.

Laos, Kob District

Need: 3.200€




The newly renovated and extended school in Madagascar needs safe water supplies. With your help, a 14,000-liter tank with a filter for clean water will be installed. The water will be piped underground from the rooftops into the tank. It will be cleaned then automatically fill the hand washing station. There will be a spigot on the water tank so the kids will have clean water to drink as well. The clean water will significantly reduce the health risks in the school. The clean water will substantially reduce the school's health risks, and the sustainable and holistic construction method allows for sustainable use.


Need: 3.800€


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