Partnership opportunities

Private Sponsorship

A special birthday gift? Or simply because you want to do something good? We support you to find a suitable school project, to plan everything and make it a great experience for everyone. Especially for children it is a special experience to attend the school opening ceremony, learn about other cultures and about their own privileged situation. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.


A school project is a perfect philanthropic CSR project for any company. It will motivate your employees, generates a positive reputation and simultaniously has a real change for the future of hundreds of children.

We usually transfer the donations in three installments to monitor the progess.

The budget and location is flexible – we will find the perfect fit!


Different events bring together different people – a perfect opportunity to join forces and integrate a charity effort. It can be in form of fundraising, visibility for the cause or discussions about philanthropic CSR and companies responsibilities. Or think big and organize a charity gala to fundraise for a specific project. 

FundRaising Possibilities

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Educational Alliances

You want to deepen your business relationship and do something good at the same time? An Alliance for Education with your partners decreases the costs and increases visibility for the project. Together we can achieve so much more!


  • Share an incredible journey

  • Create shared value on a personal and business level

  • Inspire others to do the same

A special change to do something good and deepen business relationships at the same time


One Year - One Team

A joint effort for the whole company. If 150 employees donate 10€ per months within a year a  school project can be financed. To keep up the motivation, the company can match the donation.

Project Stages:

  1. The project country can be voted at the beginning of the effort.

  2. Directly deducted donations via our donation tool

  3. Start of construction after 6 months

  4. Several employees can be drawn to attend the school opening.


An exciting team effort which brings motivation and purpose.

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Let´s start a fundraising campaign together. We will provide you with all required tools like landing pages and support you with content and PR. Every company event can have a fundraising element. There are no limits to our creativity.


  • Company run

  • Charity gala

  • Christmans parties

  • Team Events

  • Fairs/ Conferences

An ongoing possibility to integrate partners, clients and employees in the challenge to raise funds for a school.

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