A best-practice example of how a good deed speaks for itself

CSR in a Nutshell

CSR, short for ‘Corporate Social Responsibility', is becoming essential in the world of business. So how can companies give back to society? One of the ways of making a difference and supporting local communities is corporate giving. Here, EFK comes into play. In collaboration with EFK, companies can successfully implement impactful projects into their own CSR efforts. The company Hostinger sets a perfect example of how this is done. Let’s take a look at what they did.

Hostinger: An Example Case

Hostinger, a Lithuanian-founded web hosting company, took on an EFK school project in Indonesia. More specifically, they chose to build a school on the island Sumba. The company selected this specific place because it already had a close tie to it and saw the educational benefits their project could bring to the local community. The founder and CEO of the company, Arnas Stuopelis, explained:

“It came naturally to us to choose Indonesia: We’re already there - we have colleagues, web hosting users, employees. We’ve visited the country many times before”

The Project

Wali Ate Middle School in Sumba Barat Daya was chosen due to its desperate need for renovation and extension to make it safer. Previously, the school hosted 300 children, out of which 88 were educated in unsafe bamboo construction. The school underwent significant changes, which included a complete rebuilding of three classrooms and two toilets.

The Project Choice

The location was not the only determining factor for choosing this project. In fact, Hostinger aligned one of their company values - “learn and be curious” - with the needs of the children in Indonesia. These are the main principles: 1) you constantly learn and seek to improve yourself 2) you are curious about new possibilities and act to explore them, and 3) it’s in your nature to innovate. As a result, Hostinger’s donation both helped the community and lived up to their own beliefs.

According to Arnas, CEO, it is “something special for both our employees and us. To feel part of a team, of a company, that wants to make the world better, wants to improve something, to change something”.

Positive feedback from within the company

When Arnas shared the good news on the company’s communication tool “Slack”, he received very positive responses and reactions both from the Lithuanian and Indonesian employees. This was a way for the communities to connect and celebrate despite the long distance. In addition, it shows just how much of a positive effect building a school and contributing to the educational needs of a community can have when integrated right into one’s company.

Positive feedback from outside the company

The project was not left unnoticed. Hostinger spread the good news via online media in Lithuania to celebrate a successful reconstruction and encourage more positive change. Such social projects, when well-implemented and organized, are also of interest to the general public and often have a broader impact than one might initially expect. After all, who knows who might feel inspired by Arna's radio interview or an article on an online platform?

For us, it is a success story that shows the value and effect of well-designed CSR projects and adapted PR. We cannot wait to write many more of those success stories.