A Great School in Kenya With Access to Water - Soon!

The Primary School

Hope Children’s Centre, a primary school, is located in Likoni, one of the poorest areas of Mombasa in Kenya. While Kenya is relatively stable and prosperous, there is still a lot of poverty. The families in Likoni have a roof over their heads and enough food to survive, but little else.

The primary school gives its 250 pupils the opportunity to receive proper education. Primary education at state schools in Kenya is officially free of charge, but many children cannot afford the required books, uniform, stationery, etc., and therefore do not go to school at all. Hope Children´s Centre, while technically a private school with tuition fees, offers primary education for as little as possible, a sum equivalent to less than €5 a month, which includes books, materials and daily lunch. By paying an affordable tuition fee, families get a sense of the value of education, and as a consequence, children attend the school on a daily basis.

At the moment a secondary school in the same area is under construction which will be opened in the first half of 2020.

A New Well For the Secondary School

We are glad to announce that with part of a donation by Jelastic, a cloud service provider, a new well can be constructed for Hope Children’s Centre. The construction of a well will lead to many benefits for children and teachers and it plays a great role in providing a safe and supporting learning environment.The construction of the well will start soon to integrate running water in the future secondary school.

Sample picture of well construction for primary school in 2016

This project has many benefits for the newly constructed school: Mombasa gets extremely hot in summer and access to clean running water is essential for the children. After completion of the well, Hope Children´s Centre will not have to buy bottled water anymore and can save a lot of money in the long run, which can be spent on other urgently needed supplies. Health standards can be preserved and the preparation of daily meals for the children can be simplified.

Call to Action: Furniture for the New Secondary School

Currently, almost all the children who pass the state exams to gain entry into secondary education cannot do so. They cannot afford it as secondary education is not free in Kenya. Therefore, the secondary school with an affordable tuition fee for the poorest families is extremely important in this area.

The building itself is almost completed, however we are still looking for donations to furnish the classrooms and equip them appropriately.

For example: 1 new desk costs 20€ – we need 40 desks.

Every donation makes a difference!

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