A Place for 120 Children with Special Needs in Niamey, Niger.

As we promised, we wanted to keep you posted on this fantastic project and the new school construction in Niamey. We are happy to share a short video with you today. Have a look at the new middle school in Niamey, Niger. Here, 120 deaf and hearing-impaired children can learn and develop their skills.

A country like Niger with a general lack of school infrastructure offers even fewer opportunities for children with special needs. Therefore it is even more critical to support such schools. The Remember Niger Coalition reported that students who attended Niamey School's Elementary School of the Deaf learn enough to attend Secondary School. However, the Niamey School for the Deaf could not offer Secondary Education because there was a lack of school facilities. Consequently, children had to leave for other schools that might not meet their specific needs.

Luckily this changed with the new building, and 120 hearing-impaired children can use Primary and Secondary Education at the Niamey School for the Deaf!