A Special School Project Takes Up the Combat of Illiteracy in Niger

A wonderful project delights us in Niamey, Niger: At the Niamey School for the Deaf, the construction of a middle school with an integrated Resource Center starts in March!

This project deals with the problematically low general attendance rates of secondary schools in Niger, but they are especially low for children with disabilities due to a lack of specialized support at the public middle school.

Additionally, Niger has, according to UNESCO, an adult literacy rate of 30.56%. In comparison with other countries the literacy rate in Niger is very low. With this project, important measures are taken to combat illiteracy in Niger.

The Niamey School for the Deaf is currently a primary school that serves 160 students per year. The aim of constructing a middle school for the Deaf is to respond to the critical need of education in Niger by making middle school available to some of the most marginalized students in the country.

The main focus of Remember Niger’s project at the Niamey School for the Deaf is constructing a concrete four-classroom building so that the school can expand to provide middle school level education. The building will have four separate classrooms and includes the school’s Resource Center. The classrooms will accommodate desks and chairs for up to 40 students. Classrooms will also be equipped with a large chalkboard at the front of the room and a teacher’s desk.

The Resource Center will be comprised of laptop computers equipped with software to support learning for hearing-impaired and deaf students, books and learning aids, and support from instructors outside of normal classroom time.

By providing middle school level education and additional learning possibilities to hearing-impaired and deaf students, all students will have the opportunity to continue their education past the primary school level. Increasing the number of educational opportunities for hearing-impaired students in Niger is an important issue to address, and we look forward to sharing news with you about the Niamey School for the Deaf!