A Wonderful School Project Is Completed in Ambalafeno, Madagascar

Two years after a storm hit Ambalafeno, an incredibly positive change for 450 school children took place: After being destroyed by the storm, the school is now renovated, and a new school building has been completed. A great success, and now all children eager to learn can be welcomed in Ambalafeno.

How does the school look like now? The constructed school building has four classrooms. Many advantages come along with the large spatial capacity. Kids now can attend full-day classes, and the additional classrooms allow the school to offer high school classes, which were not available here before.

But not only the new school building has been completed, also the road leading to the school has been widened and leveled to provide better access. School building and road: check. On top of that, urgently needed sanitary facilities were installed.

Despite the global Coronavirus pandemic, which made it sometimes challenging to acquire supplies, the construction remained steady throughout the months. As you can see, the community was pretty much involved in the construction process, and they offered their help whenever possible. That's how the construction process looked like:

The school was designed by a local architect familiar with the weather conditions in Madagascar. Thanks to his knowledge, the school has been designed according to local circumstances, safer and more robust than before. For example, the metal doors and windows help minimize damage caused by termites and inclement weather.

The official inauguration ceremony has been postponed until summer 2021 because of the current Corona situation. But of course, the school is already in full swing, and lessons are taking place in the new classrooms.

And the good news don't stop there because great things are still on the agenda: the school is trying to set up an extracurricular school program. The goal is to make learning a fun experience. A chemistry learning program will be introduced and fun lessons to teach how important it is to stay in school, how important it is to practice good hygiene, and several other everyday life lessons.

In any case, we are delighted that 450 children now can attend primary and secondary classes, as well as High School Courses. At this point again, a big thank you to Acronis, who made the school reconstruction possible through their donation. This is incredible progress and we are glad that the community of Ambalafeno supported and joined the school's construction process. We see a bright future for this school in Ambalafeno and are happy to be part of it!