Emergency Relief Kenya: Families in Need of Food and Hygiene Packages

The coronavirus pandemic has brought hunger to millions of people around the world. Thanks to you, we have been able to collect over 26.000 Euro for the Emergency Relief Fund by now.

Therefore, we want to show you every week what has already happened with the funding.

Today let's talk about Kenya, which is amongst our four chosen projects because of the community around the school experiencing severe challenges.

In Kenya, the COVID-19 situation worsens regarding unemployment and its far-reaching consequences. Shaun Wilkinson of Hope Children's Centre, our partner on ground, reported that "the economic effects of the anti-coronavirus measures mean that there is very little work available." This is a severe problem because most of the families are day-laborers and no jobs means no income. Savings or stockpiling has never been an option for poor families, and in unpredictable situations like now, this puts people in extremely tough situations.

When the crisis started, the team of Hope Children's Centre commenced actively to distribute Hygiene and Care Packages. One Care Package costs about 15€, depending on the number of family members. It includes Maize (to cook Ugali, the staple of Kenyan food), vegetables, and soap. They are distributed to the most severely affected families of the entire school community selected by the principle of the school. This allows us to provide direct and flexible aid.

Unfortunately, an end of the COVID-19 pandemic is not in sight. This means that families still do not earn money to provide for themselves and their children adequately. Our partners on ground need funding to support the most vulnerable to get through this difficult time. With your donation, you can make a difference in the lives of numerous families – every donation has a direct impact. We need to stand together in these challenging times and we will keep on distributing to the most vulnerable families thanks to your support.

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