COVID-19: Niger’s Food Insecurity Worsens due to Virus Impact

In response to the life-threatening impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the Global South, we have started an Emergency Relief Fund to support our partners on ground in distributing hygiene and food packages to the most vulnerable families of our schools. Today, we would like to tell you more about the situation in Niger – a country slipping deeper and deeper into a humanitarian crisis.

Niger is a country in the Sahel region, and it is one of the poorest countries in the world. People living in Niger face life-threatening issues and it is more than challenging to respond adequately to their mounting needs. UNICEF reported in February 2020 that 2.9 million people, including 1.6 million children, are affected by one or more humanitarian threats in Niger. Malnutrition, disease, floods, droughts and displacement have put nearly three million people, more than half of them children, in need of humanitarian assistance.

The current COVID-19 situation worsens the emergency of food insecurity immensely. Our partner on ground, the Remember Niger Foundation, reports significant food shortages due to the dry season. Delivery chains will probably be interrupted and, therefore, food prices will rise.

Responding quickly to the upcoming issue of food shortage, the Remember Niger Foundation has already started delivering food packages to families, including families and children from our project school, the Niamey School for the Deaf. In order to get the children and families through this threatening situation, these much-needed food and hygiene packages will be delivered once per month. One package costs around 50€.

Most affected by COVID-19 and its far-reaching consequences are vulnerable people in fragile countries. Niger belongs to these countries where the COVID-19 crisis exacerbates the chronic food insecurity, and this will plunge many families in a catastrophic and life-threatening situation.

With the help of our partner Remember Niger Foundation, we want to help fight the food insecurity during COVID-19 by distributing food packages to disadvantaged children and families in Niger. As always, 100% of the donations reaches the families and children, and all funding will be distributed transparently.

In times of an international crisis, we need to show international solidarity. With your donation, you can make a difference to children and families. Every donation is highly appreciated and needed.

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