Digitization in Schools: A New Computer Lab in Peru

A few weeks ago, we updated you about the efforts in digitization for schools, remember?

Thanks to the Acronis Cyber Foundation, we could make it possible to open another computer lab: recently, the construction of a computer classroom in the Virgen de las Gracias School in Peru’s Nuevo Chimbote district, got completed. This new classroom will enable computer literacy and STEM classes for students in the region and empowers children in underserved communities in building the skills they’ll need to excel the modern world.

The Virgen de las Gracias School was first opened in June 2019, bringing an improved educational environment to the coastal region. Construction efforts were aided by local community members, many of whom had previously attended the school’s old facilities before becoming accomplished tradespeople. The school was constructed with sustainability in mind, with durable materials that could withstand local seismic activity. Thanks to all involved, we were able to provide about 230 children — representing some of the community’s most in-need members — with access to free education, learning materials, uniforms, and school lunches.

When building a new school, the Acronis Cyber Foundation and EFK aim to develop computer classrooms in each school created to help students develop the STEM and IT skills they’ll need to further self-educate and thrive in our modern world.

This particular computer classroom in Peru comes at a vital time for the local community. Access to education is currently quite limited as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While the Peruvian government has developed an online learning platform and curriculum, many families in Nuevo Chimbote lack cell phones and home computers, leaving them unable to participate until now. This new computer facility allows educators to invite students to class in small groups and guide them through the remote learning process.

The development of this computer classroom was a joint sponsorship effort between the Acronis Cyber Foundation and its project partner, Climb Channel Solutions.

"We are proud to support the Acronis Cyber Foundation with a new classroom in Peru. Learning is at the center of our culture, and educational infrastructure helps communities thrive by improving the lives of individuals and families now and in the future," says Charles Bass, Chief Marketing Officer at Climb Channel Solutions. "We are delighted to contribute our share to empowering youth in Peru with the knowledge and educational opportunities they deserve, as they will be the ones to one day make the changes this world needs."

We can’t wait to continue with these processes and enable more and more children to access computers and internet.

We saw in 2020 how important the role of digitization in our current era is, and therefore, we strive to increase the number of children being given the chance to explore the digital space. If you want to join us on this path, reach out to us!