Digitization in Schools: Computer Classroom in Tanzania in Full Swing

The year 2020 has proven more than ever: digitization is essential. Needless to say, that digitization in schools is just as important to build a solid base for the children’s future. Together with the Acronis Cyber Foundation we are working on bringing this topic further and implementing computer labs in schools, where possible.

The construction of a computer classroom is completed in the Terrat Secondary School, about 80km from Arusha, Tanzania. This new classroom will enable computer literacy and STEM classes for students in the region and marks the beginning of Phase 2 in the Acronis Cyber Foundation’s Schools Initiative, empowering children in underserved communities and building the skills they’ll need to excel the modern world.

With support from the local community, construction of the new classroom began in December 2020. Once the overall structure was assembled, TANESCO – Tanzania’s state energy agency – helped connect the school to the public power grid. Walls were cleaned and freshly painted, new tables and chairs were brought in, and 15 desktop computers were installed.

Like many villages in Tanzania, there is not yet internet access in Terrat. Still, these computers will help students gain a solid footing in STEM, acquire basic computing skills, and learn to use the most common applications – setting them up for success and preparing them for continuous learning in the digital space.

“[This classroom is] a dream come true,” said Julius R. Maplan, Headmaster at the Terrat Secondary School. “We expect a lot of changes from the students, from the administration, even the society that surrounds us, because we expect to learn very new things with the help of computers.” “We are very thankful to the Acronis Cyber Foundation and partners in Germany for making this classroom possible,” said Bakiri Angalia, Project Manager at the ECLAT foundation. “We really appreciate the initiative; it will make a big change for the community. We are sure it will change the way we understand and see things. It will give a chance to students to open up to the world.

We are thrilled to be part of this initiative and enable students to make footsteps in the digital space. A huge thank you again to the Acronis Cyber Foundation and its partner BUSYMOUSE Business Systems GmbH and everyone involved. We keep you posted and will update you with more news from computer labs around the world!