Doing good, feeling good – let’s talk charity! - 5 main takings

We had the pleasure to talk about "Doing Good - feeling good?" with some prominent guests at Cloudfest 2021. Here are some of the main takings:

1) Education is a privilege

Imagine your life without the time you attended school. Imagine not having had the opportunity to learn to write, read and do mathematics.

For most of us, it’s probably hard to picture that, and it fills us with gratitude and awareness of how privileged we grew up.

That is one of the main reasons for corporate as well as private donors to do charity: they want to give back to society, to support children and families that are less privileged, by the pure fact of where and when they were born.

Primarily investing in education is considered a powerful way to support children and to break the cycle of poverty: in enabling children to receive education, to develop, you increase the chances for them to build a life, to study, or start a career.

2) Kids love to learn giving

Supporting a school project not only has a positive impact on the school children, but also on the donor's family. In particular, private donors, who involve their families, describe how engaged their children are. It’s exciting, eye-opening and an incredible opportunity to make kids aware of how privileged they might grow up and introduce them to cultural differences around the world. Is there a better way to explain to an 8-year-old that what they are doing every day is not normal to an 8-year-old elsewhere in the world? Probably it is most empathic to let them experience it themselves.

3) Emotional connection to a country motivates

Some of our donors feel strongly connected to a country for many reasons – having lived there or having friends/family from a specific country, having great memories thanks to a vacation, or simply being in love with a country. It functions as a huge motivator if you have this relationship and know why to contribute and improve a particular country’s school infrastructure.

4) The positive impact of a school project also benefits the company itself

Apart from emotions and private motive forces, companies gain lots of value from funding schools. They benefit from the visibility and publicity in media and the engagement of their employees. A corporate donation offers several options to involve the whole company, to motivate the team, and grow together in their corporate culture.

Monitoring the construction process as a team and seeing it developing, maybe even attending the inauguration ceremony, is a life-changing-event and an excellent opportunity for a business to participate in society's well-being, taking their social responsibility.

5) We all need to take action

One of our donors put it in a nutshell, and we couldn’t have expressed it better: “There is only one planet, and every company should participate in whatever way. We need everyone to create this planet in the best way possible. We have an obligation to do something and support. Investors should holistically make sure that companies are seeking to have an impact.”

At the same time, we all know how stuck we could be in our daily routines. On top of that,

we could figure out three barriers, why people do not take action and donate: too many options, finding a trustworthy NGO and making time for it.

This is precisely why EFK launched its Foundation as a Service concept. We’re supporting throughout the whole donation process and seek to make it as easy, smooth, and impactful for everyone as possible. Thanks to our founders covering all our administration costs, we can even offer this service without charging money.

We’re happy to support companies on their path to do good and create meaningful and impactful projects. And we believe the answer to our question above is definitely “yes”: doing good also means feeling good.