End of the Year - Start of Another School Project In the Dominican Republic!

With the generous support of our funding partner RNT Rausch, the construction of a new Educational Center in Los Maranitos, Dominican Republic, will commence soon. We are very happy to get this project started, because it will lead to life-changing benefits for 150 children in Los Maranitos. The project will be implemented by the Mariposa DR Foundation.

Our partner RNT Rausch, a company based in Germany, comes from the tech ecosystem and is an expert for all issues relating to server and storage systems, including Software Defined Storage (SDS). RNT Rausch Managing Director Sebastian Nölting is convinced that education is one of the supporting pillars of every country, every economy and above all every life. Only when "equal opportunities for all" also applies to education will every child have a chance to create a basis for a good future.

Los Maranitos, where the educational center will be built, is a small village situated next to Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic. It lies in mountainous terrain, which means that there can be harsh weather conditions. The village has a population of about 200 community members and over 50% are aged under 18.

In rural areas in the Dominican Republic, insufficient access to school is a severe issue that leads to inequality in children’s education. There is one school in Los Maranitos offering courses for children in first and second grade. However, children who want to attend classes in third or fourth grade need to overcome a 45 minutes’ walk through the mountains. Heavy rain frequently prevents them from going to school and, therefore, they miss many courses or give up on school all together. Furthermore, the school is closed in June and July, and most of August, December, and January. Consequently, children in Los Maranitos do not receive sufficient education. With the financial support of RNT Rausch, we want to create better learning conditions, so children gain access to proper and sustainable education.

Land for new school

The Mariposa DR Foundation, our implementing partner, is an organization aiming to educate and empower girls and young women so they can grow to be independent individuals. They strongly believe that education is the key to end generational poverty, and they want to ensure that girls are not held back in reaching out for their full potential.

The new Educational Center will provide a curriculum consisting of academic courses, academic tutoring, environmental education including a school’s garden for all children. Boys and girls will continue going to the few classes in the official Dominican public schools, and the supplemental Mariposa program will be geared around the school day. Both institutions will work closely together to assure the best learning outcome for each child. If students cannot travel to the public school due to inclement weather, the Mariposa Educational Center will offer additional programs.

The Mariposa DR Foundation takes a gender transformative approach involving families and the community in their work. This leads to a high rate of participation, and the various programs will not only benefit young girls, but the whole community.

A huge thank you to RNT Rausch for sharing our vision of equal educational opportunities for all.

We are looking forward to starting the construction of the Mariposa Educational Center mid-January and we hope to have the doors open by fall 2020.

We will keep you posted about the progress.