Four hundred children are about to get an appropriate learning environment in Lepi, Angola.

Good news to share – a new school project has started. Thanks to the donation of a private donor, approximately 400 students in Lepi, Angola, will be able to learn and study under improved conditions.

The current school is considered a temporary school though within the education system of Angola. Despite its provisional character, it has been established in this community since 2002 and struggles with immense difficulties to offer students effective and efficient learning conditions. The students live around the school, which is why the improvement of this school is a priority.

In splendid collaboration with our implementing partner World Vision Angola, it became clear that we need to improve the road that leads to the school and, above all, enhance the school's basic sanitation by providing toilets and a manual water supply system. Consequently, it was also observed that the school's general infrastructure needs to be modified, especially the classrooms, so that children may have better learning conditions.

As you can see in the pictures: the road conditions to reach the school are terrible, and classrooms are not provided with light, tables, or ventilation.

With a target audience of 400 directly addressed children plus their families, this project has a vast amount of people benefitting from it. Indirectly it even affects around 2000 children in the whole municipality as well as 500 municipal education officers plus 50 teachers.

Building a safe school environment and structure for children, giving lessons for teachers, caregivers, and children in hygiene and basic sanitation, and strengthening school rehabilitation will immensely improve the all-day-life-life and create a protected and safe space for children to receive education.

We’re happy to keep you posted about the progress and keep our fingers crossed that the Covid crisis doesn’t affect the construction too bad, and it can move forward according to plan.

The private donor, his family and kids, and us, we all can’t wait for an inauguration ceremony in Lepi to open the new school doors for its 400 students and, in doing so, hopefully, open new doors for a brighter future.