Myanmar, Ata: A Conversation with the Principal about Chances and Challenges

The school in Ata, Myanmar, was the first school we built with the help of Stiftunglife and Acronis. The school offers free education for pupil from kindergarten to grade 4 who live in the neighborhood. But also children from the five surrounding villages attend the school.

Since its opening in November 2017, the school has been in a very good condition and has developed steadily. We are very happy that we can now share insights from the director who runs the school with commitment and joy. We spoke with her about opportunities, changes and challenges.

When asked how the school has developed, the principal initially refers to the figures of the matrix, the final exam of High School and seems to be very satisfied with the numbers she can announce. "2017-2018, no one passed the matrix". This has fortunately changed: "In 2018-2019, three out of twenty students passed the matrix. And in 2019-2020, six out of seven passed the exam". This is a wonderful development in terms of high school, where the matrix is the final exam.

When we asked her about the classroom environment and equipment, she emphasizes the importance of practical help learning accessories. But sometimes it is not easy... she says that the "government can only provide some learning tools like flutes for certain courses, in this case for music lessons. But for other courses, the government does not pay, and there is a lack of equipment in these areas".

Another issue, they're struggling with is the lack of teachers. Two of them have been transferred and there are signs of a shortage of available teachers. Of course, they are trying to solve both problems as quickly as possible.

Solving problems is generally an aspect that is very important at the Ata School. The school library is now to be enlarged so that the children are even more motivated to read. Writing is not difficult for many of them; the principal proudly tells us that they won the community prize in the Essay Writing Competition and in Mathematics.

Focusing on the dreams of the children, you can see how powerful good education can be and what it can create in the minds of the pupil: The director tells us that “now, some of them are dreaming of becoming teachers.". We closed our small interview with the school director talking about her dreams: "And who knows, maybe in a few years, one of the children attending the school right now, will be a school director here itself.”.

We keep our fingers crossed for that and are looking forward to keeping you posted with further good news from Myanmar.