New School Project in Tanzania

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to another private donor's support, yet another school can be built in Tanzania. A total of 429 children in Upper Kitete Village, Tanzania, are supported to study in a better learning environment. The renovation and extension of the Bonde la Faru Primary School will start in mid- November and shall be completed in April 2021.

Existing Classroom made of Mud

First of all, we would like to highlight that the community of Kitete Village has already made a significant contribution to creating appropriate infrastructural conditions for their children. They built the first five classrooms in 2004 and gradually expanded the school. The last classroom is currently under construction. One of the five initial classrooms was constructed from mud. The school has one toilet block with ten pit latrines, five pits on each side, one side for the girls, and the other for boys. The Kitete Village community highly values education, and they want to do their best to guarantee good learning conditions for their children.

However, the learning environment for the pupils wasn't ideal. They had to congest themselves in the available space to learn, though with difficulties. In addition, the current classrooms are in a deficit of 50 desks, hampering the opportunity for all pupils to sit at a desk during class lessons. The available pit latrines are inadequate to serve the school population. Lack of sufficient pit latrines can pose a health hazard to the school, and this problem needs to be solved quickly.

The plan is to renovate the old classrooms and to construct two additional ones. There will further be one teacher's office, where teachers can plan and organize their lessons. The construction of toilet blocks with 16 pit latrines each is designed as well. To equip the classrooms adequately 50 desks and chairs for the teachers will be provisioned.

The Existing Rainwater Tank to be Renovated

The Upper Kitete village is in a semiarid area that is characterized by a lack of enough water. The school has a water harvesting tank to collect rainwater from roofs, which should be renovated to harvest rainwater without losing it through seepage.

There are obviously several advantages coming along with this wonderful school project. The capacity of the school will be increased in an adequate way. This means that more pupils can attend class in a promoting school environment. Besides, the hygiene standard will be augmented by constructing more pit latrines that respond to the school's needs. Furthermore, teachers will be given an office where they can prepare their lessons without being disturbed.

All these measures lead to a healthy, thriving, and learning-friendly school environment, from which the children and the teachers and the community of Upper Kitete Village will benefit.

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