Christmas Project: Outdoor Classrooms for Children in Peru

It may sound funny at first, but it is incredibly important in order to provide the children with school education in the coming year. Peru is still severely affected by the Corona Pandemic and although virtual classes for the children have been tried, the learning success last year was very minimal. Such a year without education is a great loss, especially for children from poorer regions.

In order to be able to implement good face-to-face teaching with the teachers in 2021, classrooms are to be built to be able to educate the children in the fresh air. Also in the long run these classrooms will support the school to cope with the growing number of children. As it rarely rains in the region, the construction will also be stable and sustainable.

A great project! We are looking forward to your support.

Here is what Samuele, our partner in Peru says:

Since the beginning of the school year, we have not been able to have face-to-face classes with our students, and all the work has been done virtually. Unfortunately, the situation in which our children's families find themselves at the moment has shown that virtual classes have not worked well in the last months. The children need personal contact with teachers. For this reason, and with your help, we want to set up "outdoor classrooms" to carry out tutoring and reinforcement activities with our children. The possibility of holding our classes in a ventilated environment and respecting the proper safety and prevention measures is the only possibility of allowing our children to receive an adequate education in the next year.