Three New Classrooms for El Rosario, Guatemala

Three new classrooms for the Rosary School in Guatemala, that's the aim. We're happy to announce that this new great project has started and construction is in progress. Thanks to a private donor, the lack of space and classrooms can be solved and 261 children can be given the opportunity to receive education in a proper environment.

The Rosary School is a school with all the limitations that schools in rural Guatemala have: little access to water, deteriorated and poorly maintained facilities, and a constantly growing student population. Like most rural communities in Guatemala, the population has increased and the school currently has 261 children, 1 director, and 9 teachers. The school is affected by the increase in population, and the current facilities are insufficient. Due to the lack of space, they are forced to occupy spaces designated for other uses such as classrooms, so the expansion of the school is of utmost importance.

We're more than glad to give this project a go, since the current state of education in Guatemala is significantly under-funded. Many classrooms nationwide, especially in rural Guatemala, do not meet minimum standards for classroom space, teaching materials, classroom equipment and furniture as well as water and sanitation. In rural areas, in particular, no state support means school infrastructure is lacking – few (or sometimes no) teachers are available. Indigenous people makeup about 42 % of the population in Guatemala and mostly reside in poor rural areas with little access to quality education. Indigenous students are highly disadvantaged with an average of only 2,5 years of schooling, making building schools in rural villages absolutely essential.

Not only the urgently needed classrooms are covered by the private donor: After completing the classrooms, also a permaculture garden will be established to teach the children about sustainable agriculture.

We will keep you posted with updates from the construction process and plans for the inauguration ceremony which is not scheduled yet due to Covid-19, as you can imagine.