We celebrate World Teachers' Day!

"In this crisis, teachers have shown, as they have done so often, great leadership and innovation in ensuring that #LearningNeverStops, that no learner is left behind. Around the world, they have worked individually and collectively to find solutions and create new learning environments for their students to allow education to continue.”

Joint Statement of leading UN agencies

Every year, on the 5th October, World Teachers’ Day reminds us of the important role of teachers trying to provide children with quality education. The aim of this special day initiated by the UNESCO, is to draw attention to the responsibility of teachers, and to raise the reputation of teachers worldwide.

Especially in the context of countries with weak infrastructure, teachers make a huge difference to the lives of many children. Without teachers there is no education. Without education, children cannot break out of the cycle of poverty.

Unfortunately, many teachers are confronted with severe problems that make teaching difficult. Due to poor infrastructure especially in remote areas, classrooms are often overcrowded. This makes teaching and learning difficult. Additionally, there is the problem of too few school materials and too little pedagogical support and training of teachers. Not an easy job.

An appropriate school environment also has enormous positive effects on the potential of the teacher. Smaller classes, bright rooms and arranged seating for the students support good teaching. Besides improved infrastructure, we continue to work on ICT programs for our schools. In the end it is a good and motivated teacher who inspires the students to learn. No matter where in the world - teachers need a suitable working environment to do their magic.