World Teacher's Day

Today is the 5th of October! Remember what that means?- It’s World Teacher’s Day. This year, the theme is “teachers at the heart of education recovery”.

The role of teachers has always been absolutely important in the development of children and youth. Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic in 2019, the role of teachers has had to adapt. However, teachers have remained and become ever more important. So, let’s take a look at some reasons why it is so important to celebrate all teachers around the globe today.

“Teachers: Leading the crisis, reimagining the future” (by UNICEF)

Firstly, even though effects of the coronavirus have been unknown, teachers had to keep the education going. In many countries, from one day to the next, schools had to close. However, that did not mean that schools could stay closed infinitely. Instead, teachers had to find a solution to keep education going from a distance. This means that they had to adapt to- and implement new technologies. Of course, students had a difficult time as well; however, teachers did and still do their best to facilitate this transition as much as possible.

Secondly, educators have the difficult task of keeping students engaged. Both teaching and studying from a distance are difficult. But, it’s the task of teachers to keep their students engaged. And one can surely say that this is not an easy task when you’re not in the same room!

These are only two of the many examples why teachers are so important. Of course this pandemic is a difficult time for everyone. However, education is one of the most important factors in one’s development and also one of the most impactful ways out of poverty. That’s why we should take this day to celebrate all teachers around the globe today! For making it possible to continue having access to education during such difficult times.