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July - November 2017

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According to UNICEF, in 2007, Tanzania’s government pledged access to free primary school education for every child. Nevertheless, since then the registration of children attending primary school decreased strongly.Approximately, 2 million children in the age between 7 and 13 years do not have access to education at all, which means they do not even learn basic skills. Furthermore, about 70 % of children aged 14-17 are not registered in secondary school.


The nearest official school is located approximately 20km away in the neighboring village, Looltepes. Only 23 percent of school-age children attend classes because of the distance. The remainder stay home to tend their herds or await marriage – never receiving a basic education.

Loongung’s residents value education, however, which is why the community hired a teacher. For the past three years, she has conducted classes under the thorn tree planted in front of her house. The number of students continues to grow despite the lack of a school building, elevating the need for support.

Construction Period: Jul 2018 - Oct 2018



2 Furnished Classrooms+Lavatory


To improve education in this village, the Acronis Foundation will construct a primary school in collaboration with the German non-profit FLY&HELP. The school will serve 567 Loongung children and two teachers. (The community will hire a second teacher once the new building is complete.)

New classrooms and facilities will help provide academic and social stability for children and ensure a safe and healthy environment, while supporting the economic and social development of the village by reducing poverty and elevating the quality of life.

The initial phase, funded by the Acronis Foundation and FLY&HELP, will support the construction of two classrooms, toilets, and the purchase of 46 desks. The hope is that the facility will one day feature additional classrooms, staff offices and apartments, dormitories, and a sports field.